CladTEK Structural Glass System

WALTEK. Your single source for unparalleled quality

WALTEK, with its CladTEK structural glass systems, has a well-founded reputation as an innovative and reliable manufacturer of structural glass and ornamental metal support structures. Our CladTEK systems also enjoy a loyal following within the architectural community concerning the design and implementation of structural glazing systems, assisting designers from concept to design development and final contract documents. WALTEK's unique approach of providing single-source responsibility for the engineering, manufacturing, and installation of the structural glass cladding, ornamental metal structures, and all their miscellaneous components assures designers that the systems form, function, and aesthetic appearance are being considered as a whole, every step of the way.

WALTEK’s CladTEK systems are provided as a complete engineered solution.

As such, the sub-components of the CladTEK system are never sold as individual parts. This unique approach is one of the cornerstones of our method as it ensures the owner and designer professional that their project is backed by WALTEK and its exclusive warranty that the system will perform as intended for its lifetime. The CladTEK systems have been utilized in numerous types of projects and applications such as high-end entrances for offices, total vision walls for sports venues, ornamental canopies for hospital and office buildings, transit terminals, and ornamental railings, glass flooring, and treads, and simple ornamentation. The CladTEK system's versatility and WALTEK's can-do attitude have and continue to bring the most demanding designers' visions to reality.